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Narayanpet silk sarees


An obsession with vegetable dyes beyond the ordinary, a trademark pattern of checks in the self color weave, wide golden zari borders at both top and bottom ends of the fabric and a characteristic double shimmer quality from its special weaving process are signs what the traditional Narayanpet saree is recognizable by. Quality materials and fine counts of weave ensure the durability and shine of the Narayanpet for a very long time. In addition for a place believed to be having the blessings of the goddess resident in the local temple, it has triggered the inevitable inclusion of the temple design (triangles in series) border in contrast color to that of the background with a parallel border running alongside it, on every saree woven in Narayanpet.

The heart lies in the weaving

To make it economical and worth the while in effort, threads for the making of at least 15 sarees together are loaded on to a charkha or wheel from where it is carefully loaded stretched onto the warp or longitudinal framework.  The weft is smaller sticks or sometimes spools made to intertwine through the waft threads to create a fine lattice of color and creativity. The weaving of the saree makes use of 8 threads in the weaving at the border which makes the saree stronger and is unique of this saree. The jacquard attachment is an optional but often used to create mesmeric designs in the Narayanpet fabric.

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